Watu Wangu Foundation aims to empower the people in Kenya. We do this by stimulating cooperation, investment and education. We support grassroot projects that lead to economic independence. We set up facilities for the weak in the community and establish education facilities.

Our premise is that we offer people the knowledge, means and power to take control of their own lives.


Watu Wangu Foundation envisions a world where everyone has a fair chance to an independent, decent existence.

Policy and Action Plan

Since her inception in the year 2007, Watu Wangu Foundation has taken on and completed several projects, such as the care for orphans and street children; building of a borehole for drinking water; a sanitation project at a local primary school; a greenhouse project for food security. A complete overview with a brief description can be found on the starting page of this website.

For the next three years, we will focus on an educational program for single mothers and young women. The aim of this program is to make these women economically independant, so that they can support themselves and their families.

The projects are financed with donations of funds, priate people and companies; and fundraising activities by the foundation or volunteers.

Board members and volunteers, both in the Netherlands as in the project country (Kenya), receive no salary or compensation of any kind. Only expenses made, for example for fundraising and administration, are reimbursed. This will not be more than 5% of donations received, but in reality it has always been less than this.

Our sponsors

Watu Wangu Foundation depends for her work on the support of sponsors. Many funds, individuals and businesses have helped us over the years. We are tremendously greatful to them. Below you will find an overview of a number of these sponsors

The board

Theo Koopman


Hellen Kavinya Muthengi

Secretary & Project Leader

Nelly Koster


Local team Kenya









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Foundation Watu Wangu has been recognised by the Dutch tax authorities as a Public Benefit Organisation. This means that taxpayers for the Dutch tax may deduct their donations from their taxable income.

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